Looking Ahead

In yesterday’s post I promised to write an item explaining the difference between “retrospective” Web search, which is what conventional search engines like Google do, and “prospective search”, which is a new and complementary paradigm exemplified by services such as PubSub. As I began, though, it dawned on me that I had already written such a post back in August, on the PubSub house blog, Sandbox. So for those who are interested, here it is.

Note: I don’t intend to do a great deal of writing about PubSub on this blog; waka waka waka is not intended to be one of those sites where people blather about the companies they work for; I have ample outlets for that sort of thing. But the ideas mentioned in this and the previous post – structured blogging and prospective search – are, I think, important new developments, and I believe that anyone who is involved in blogging or interested in the evolution of the Web should know about them.

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