Steady Those Nerves

My friend Jon Mandell has sent along a link to an amusing, if slightly stressful, little diversion that he says is popular with Navy pilots. You can try it here. Feel free to post a comment with your best time. Or not.


  1. Kevin Kim says

    It’s like video aikido– one master dodging multiple attackers! Go, Ueshiba, GO!

    I’ll have to try this game at my office… my poor 1999-era Mac is too slow for the animation, but my Korean computer is blazingly fast. Ought to be fun.


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  2. Kevin Kim says

    26.203 seconds after about ten tries! I’ll probably stick this game on my sidebar as a link. If I’m not mistaken, the marauding rectangles always follow the same pattern, so it may simply be a matter of memorizing the “sweet spots” to last increasingly longer.

    (Hmmm… that sounds more like sex advice than video game advice.)

    Thanks for linking to this addictive game,


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  3. Malcolm says

    You’re welcome, Kevin. Jon, who sent me the link to begin with, says that the Navy pilots who play with it last two minutes or more.

    You know, I owe you a response to some comments over at your place from back in October, about the freedom of the will and how an idea of God being “outside of time” can be coherent. I think it can. Not that I’m buying it, though.

    Did you ever get hold of either of Dennett’s free-will books?

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