The Long Bomb

I’ve been away, and haven’t properly attended to my duties here for weeks now. There is much that I want to write about; in particular I want to air a few thoughts about Daniel Dennett’s new book, Breaking the Spell, and about some of the questions it raises. But meanwhile…

I’ve been in the San Diego airport a lot lately. Along the walls in Terminal 2 they have a collection of posters of homegrown sports celebrities: Tony Gwynn, Phil Mickelson, Ted Williams, Bill Walton, Marcus Allen, to name just a few. One of the honorees is the great Dan Fouts, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback whom I remember well from his playing days (1973-1987) with the Chargers. But looking at his poster there at Lindbergh Field I was struck by a resemblance I hadn’t noticed before:

I’m sure it’s just the helmet.

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