There Goes the Neighborhood

It having been a long day – it’s eleven p.m., and I’ve only just got home from the kung fu school – I’ll just leave you tonight with an interesting tidbit from today’s paper.

Apparently, recent study of the human genome has turned up an interesting kink in our lineage. It seems that the human-chimp divergence wasn’t quite as neat and tidy as was once believed; it now appears that after the human and chimp lines had parted ways, they rejoined, thereby producing chimp-human hybrids for a while (not sure what you’d call them, maybe humps). In other words, proto-humans, and then female chimp-human hybrids, crossbred for a while with the proto-chimps.

This is bound to give some people fits, which of course tickles me no end. I haven’t checked to see how the chimps feel about it. Read more here.

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