Lupus Obscurus

I am reminded again, by a post at a neighboring and frequently visited site, of what an outstanding weblog is maintained by the Englishman “Deogolwulf”, under the banner The Joy of Curmudgeonry. He writes with style, scholarship, piquancy, and wit, and I urge you all to visit. Stay a while. Sample at random from the archives. Absorb a fewtril or two. Here’s a representative, aleatorically selected morsel, from June 1st of last year:

Sir Elton John is quoted in The Guardian today:

“When the Live Aid concert happened 20 years ago I was pretty much a self-obsessed drug addict. Although I was pleased to be part of a great day, I really wasn’t adult enough or mature enough to realise the full consequences of what we were doing.”

Sir Elton, who over the past twenty years has selflessly dedicated himself to a study of political economy, is now well known for his disdain of material comforts and is justly celebrated for his encyclopedic knowledge; nor is there about him a trace of the pleasure-seeking, narcissistic, moral and intellectual cretin who knows no more about politics or economics or history than does a parboiled titmouse.

The erudite Sir Elton, who in the mid-Nineties proved in a brilliant display of statistical mathematics the inefficacy of supply-side theory, is hoping to demonstrate the absurdity of free trade by playing the piano quite badly in front of a crowd of baying morons.

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