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Upon hearing someone use the expression “sang-froid” the other day, I was reminded of an old joke:

“Tell me,” asked an American of three Frenchmen, “what is sang-froid? I know it translates, literally, to “cold blood”, but what does it mean?”

“That,” said Andre, “is best answered with an example. Imagine, my friend, that you go away on a business trip, but return sooner than expected, only to find your wife in bed with your best friend. You do not wish to get emotional, to heat your blood. Instead you stay cool. If, like a true Parisian, you can smile, wave cheerily, and say ‘Pardon the intrusion,’ you, my friend, have sang-froid.”

“Nonsense,” scoffed Jaques, “that is merely tact. If, on finding your wife in bed with your best friend, you say, ‘Pardon the intrusion; please continue,’ then, my friend, you have sang-froid.”

“Bah,” sneered Pierre, “that is ordinary politeness. Let me explain sang-froid. Let us return to the same situation. If, after you have said, ‘Pardon the intrusion; please continue,’ the gentleman in bed can indeed continue, then HE has sang-froid.”

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  1. the one eyed man says

    What are the three worst words to hear when you’re having sex? (“Honey, I’m home!”)

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