Count Your Blessings

I don’t do a lot of recording these days; the music industry having gone through rough times in the 1990’s, I took up software engineering about six years ago, and now make my living writing code. I still do two or three records a year, though, and I am occasionally reminded of one of the other reasons I was inclined to switch careers: the hours can be grueling. Yesterday’s session at Avatar — a new album for my old friend, the guitarist Steve Khan — started at ten a.m., and when I left sometime after one in the morning, Steve was still wrapping up a few loose ends in Pro Tools with our outstanding assistant engineer, Brian Montgomery.

This sort of thing was not a problem when I was in my twenties, began to be a bit of an issue as I moved through my thirties, and started to beat the hell out of me once I moved into my forties. Now that I’m 50, these studio marathons are downright punishing, and after getting home at two a.m. last night, getting a few moments of sleep, then spending ten hours in the office today staring at C++ code, I am utterly thrashed.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if tonight’s offering is just another engaging morsel from the Web (fortunately, there is a limitless supply, renewed daily). Today’s item is nothing terribly important — merely the secret of happiness.

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