Spleen Machines

I do apologize for the dearth of worthwhile content around here lately, but it’s been a busy week. Tonight, for example, we spent the evening at a Lewis Black show at City Center. Black, who splutters in dumbfounded amazement at the world’s absurdities, is a funny guy, part of an honored tradition of professional ranters. At times tonight I was reminded of another, even more idiosyncratic observer of the humanity’s hyperkinetic confusion: one Brother Theodore, who referred to his act as “stand-up tragedy”.

Theodore, a concentration-camp survivor and family friend of Albert Einstein, was truly sui generis. You can read about this very unusual man here, and I have embedded a brief clip below.

A sample of his wisdom:

“The best thing is not to be born. But who is as lucky as that? To whom does it happen? Not to one among millions and millions of people.”

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