A Culture of Moderation

Beneath the spreading pall of dreadful and worsening news blowing daily from the tormented Middle East, there is a small spark of light — a newly founded party of peace and reason in Palestine that calls itself Wasatia. Its founder, Professor Mohammed Dajani, of Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem, describes the organization’s mission:

“We want to foster a culture of moderation so that our children do not grow up just with the literature of hate and violence,” he said. “We want our children to grow up in a culture where people can co-exist in peace and harmony.”

Another of the founders, one Bashar Azzeh, is a doctoral student in conflict system management. He tells us:

“The image of Islam in the United States is that it is extremist, but we have found that hardliners are not the majority among Palestinians. I have been to the villages and talked to people. There is a feeling that people have tried violence, they have tried everything, and this is what we need now. People want a moderate political culture and an end to violence and ignorance. They want a reflection of what we are.”

How heartening to see even the smallest candle lighted against such suffocating darkness. Learn more here.

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