Happy Birthday

Today, June 4th, would have been my mother’s 72nd birthday. I thank again all of you who offered so many kind words of support during her last days, which were chronicled in these pages a little over a year ago. She was a truly exceptional woman, and we miss her terribly.

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One Comment

  1. Shiena says

    Dear Malcolm
    I couldn’t resist a turning back of the pages.
    Alison is so often on and in my mind. I do miss her droll take on life and brave disregard for hardship and pain.
    Your Dad is harder to contact these days and we do not have David’s address and details
    so await an update.
    Please let us know what is what
    Love and good wishes for you and your family for 2008
    and for some wisdom to descend like manna on our leaders
    Heaven preserve us from those who would like to be called Peacemakers…. Shiena

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