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Well, after such a plangent cri de coeur, it’s time to lighten up a little; one thing I always find amusing is to have a look at the search keyphrases that have brought folks here. Here’s a sampling of the current year’s crop:

  • life’s finitude and frailty
  • causa mortis
  • depressed area
  • nervous tension
  • wacka wacka wacka
  • comparative microneuroanatomy
  • pollack whale
  • giant hogweed blocker
  • brazilan wandering spider
  • dicks
  • what kind of guitar was used to record reelin in the years?
  • emphasizing pronoun
  • what a piece of work is man!
  • out of body antidepressant
  • philosophy as known in light of reason
  • bloody egg
  • metaphor for pachinko
  • 1 3 7 12 18 26 35 45 hofstadter
  • the geometry of meaning
  • odd things falling from the sky
  • bulges
  • the growing argument
  • yaffle divination
  • lovers now become dust
  • waka me up in september ends
  • they are sketches beginnings of etudes or so to speak ruins individual eagle pinions all disorder and wild confusions
  • tyranny of the discontinuous mind rebuttal
  • aliquot sequences
  • salo flohr photos
  • barbecuing topless
  • thomistic philosophy of mind
  • synathroesmus
  • sounds of hung gar
  • lebensraum cape cod
  • mouse dropping cleanup
  • how to make yourself vomit
  • entropy eating brains
  • navel of the world
  • drosophila free will
  • euphemism creep

And my favorite of all:

  • 105

Well, the subtitle of this weblog (taken, as is its name, from Fela Kuti’s Coffin for Head of State), is “I go many places”; I guess it’s still accurate. Looks like folks are coming from some interesting places, too.


  1. Andrew says

    I just don’t know which to chose as a favorite. drosophila free will? barbecuing topless? Ok it has to be entropy eating brains. I remember the post but that is still a wonderful combination of words. The meaning changes with changing emphasis.

    My blog has not been around long enough have generated a very interesting list but I have been struck by the nunber of people from all over the world who search the web for mixotrophy. Made me wonder about all the search term data google has.

    I found this tool: it is for Overture not Google but it does provide this type of information.

    Here is what I got when I put in “waka waka waka”:

    Searches done in January 2007
    Count Search Term
    2636 waka inoue
    1533 waka
    334 waka laka
    203 waka inoue pic
    151 waka inoue picture
    139 waka news
    134 waka laka lyric
    131 estate real tx waka
    128 inoue waka photo
    102 waka kickball
    97 waka ama
    90 waka waka
    77 waka jawaka
    69 waka tv
    63 waka 8
    56 waka inoue nude
    34 waka di ume
    32 sato waka
    31 okami waka
    30 book guest judson tx tx waka
    28 download full laka version waka
    27 inoue waka scan
    27 waka maya
    26 waka tv 8
    25 classic waka winter

    Posted July 7, 2007 at 8:23 pm | Permalink
  2. Malcolm says

    Hi Andrew,

    I do enjoy this feature of my hosting package. You should see some of the ones I didn’t list!

    Posted July 7, 2007 at 9:51 pm | Permalink

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