Life Just Keeps Getting Better

I apologize for my tendency to bang away on certain topics without respite sometimes; I’ve done this in the past with things like mind-body dualism, and seem to be on a bit of tear about religious faith lately. These issues really nag at me: they seem important, and religion in particular is far more than an abstract philosophical or existential problem when people worldwide are butchering one another daily over it, the American electorate makes it a primary criterion for selecting its leaders, and creationists are battering at the doors of the nation’s science classrooms.

But enough of that for now. Here’s some more good news about beer.


  1. Here’s the money quote:

    “It would take 60 regular beers to equal the amount of xanthohumol German researchers are able to brew in their one super beer.”

    Sixty beers?! Damn! The news just keeps getting better!

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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  2. Charles says

    So this silver bullet is found in the hops, eh? Awesome! I love super-hoppy beers. Last time I was at Mug’s Ale House in Brooklyn, I had a pint of something called the Big “A”–it was the hoppiest beer I’ve ever had. I was in heaven. And no doubt I drastically reduced my risk of cancer with that one pint.

    Dr. Hodges: So when are we all getting together for beers? Don’t tell me that I’m going to have to organize this or it will never happen. I hate being the organizer. Of course, I hate not getting together for beers even more…

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