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As each new year begins I enjoy looking back at all the search keyphrases that have brought readers by for a visit in the previous twelve months. According to my server’s statistics-gathering software, there were 1379 of them in 2007 (although, annoyingly, it only explicitly displays the first thousand). As usual, it’s an odd assortment, reflecting how scatterbrained this website is.

Here’s a sampling of them, with links, where possible, to the relevant post. (Not all of these phrases turn up any results when I search the site for them; don’t ask me how they got here in the first place.)

The longest?

The oddest?

And, of course:

  • dicks

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  1. Charles says

    I think the last one is referring to the wakawakawankers…

    Posted January 6, 2008 at 12:26 am | Permalink

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