Street Smarts

Here, from India, is an engaging example of spontaneous self-organization:


  1. Charles says

    I read an article once about how roads without center lines were actually safer than roads with center lines. The reasoning was that not having those lines there forced people to slow down when other cars were approaching from the opposite direction. Having lines to delineate space makes us feel safer, and thus we are not as careful as we might be.

    Living in a village where our main road has no center line, I can say that there is definitely some sense to this argument. I think the same principle is at work in this video.

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  2. Ha. I can speak from a bit of experience here, having lived (and driven) in India. You’ve found an interesting street scene (which I’ve blogged myself), but overall is pretty dang tame.

    Someone should get some really juicy footage – for instance… this clip begins to give an inkling of it…

    (that said, India is absolutely my favorite place in the world to drive)

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  3. Malcolm says

    Hi Salim,

    Yes, that makes even Boston look orderly!

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