Pat Condell is Mad as Hell

With hat tips to both the Big Hominid (from whom this entire link-based post is essentially plagiarized) and the Gypsy Scholar, allow me to introduce you to Pat Condell, a British comedian, atheist, and polemicist. If you love a good rant, you won’t be disappointed.

Condell attracted a good deal of attention a while back with this salvo against radical Islam; having been denounced in Berkeley as a racist, etc., he offered this reply.

He has had a fair amount to say about multiculturalism as well; good examples are here and here.

He’s also been outspoken about his atheism, which has prompted lots of Christians to write him to cackle about his impending eternity in Hell. That in turn led to this tart response. (And for a particularly articulate rejoinder from the Christian side, have a look here.)

And if you just can’t get enough, Condell has his own page at YouTube, here.

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