Rhyme and Reason

In a recent post, The Maverick Philosopher imagined a possible world in which he might have blogged about Schopenhauer under the banner The Scowl of Minerva (a play on the owl as the symbol of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and philosophy). Things like this always set my own mental wheels in motion, and I soon had hatched a brood of kindred websites, each devoted to a different aspect of philosophical inquiry:

  • Masonry work on the foundations of philosophy: The Trowel of Minerva
  • Tips on where to find worthwhile philosophical discussions online: The Prowl of Minerva
  • Thoughts about the transience of physical beauty: The Jowl of Minerva
  • Writings on the pain and frustration of the philosophical effort: The Howl of Minerva
  • Curmudgeonly griping about the philosophical ignorance of the masses, and its ominous consequences: The Growl of Minerva
  • On the unique philosophical perspective arrived at through the monastic life: The Cowl of Minerva
  • Insights on philosophy and the simple life, from a humble chicken farmer: The Fowl of Minerva
  • Philosophical teachings pre-digested for the reader: The Bowel of Minerva

And, of course, what you toss in when, in frustration, you give up philosophy altogether: The Towel of Minerva.

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  1. Painful philosophical insights expressed in sudden, short bursts: The Yowl of Minerva.

    Jeffery Hodges

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