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Sadly, today seems to have been entirely consumed by worldly distractions, and with a busy weekend coming up, we’ll likely be off the air until Sunday or Monday. Apologies to all.

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  1. JK says

    Malcolm, JK here.

    I find myself confused as the dickens. I’ve expressed here on your site that I have Faith and I have Belief. Humor me here for a bit.

    We have a mutual who is far more knowledgeable than I. In his readings anyway, my Faith is the simple sort, I have the sort of Faith that there is a Supreme and S/He who has all the best intents and interests as well… Sometimes there is a galaxy far-far away that needs her/his attention and can’t always answer the phone but always has the answering machine on. “Get back to ya asap.” Our mutual doesn’t cause me my problem.

    I know, you have doubts, hell you have far more than doubts, but I think I can expect a resonable refereeing from such a person as yourself. I may be taking far more for granted than I can reasonably expect. For all I know you may be the Episcopalian Catholic Greek Orthodoxian BishoPoporian Grand whatever of New York-simply testing my Faith. Just for the record, in case you are keeping records, I have Faith that Something is out there and among us, a Prime so to speak. But I Believe that evolution is Her/His grand work, well except for the Cosmos. And of course McDonald’s Quarterpounders (with cheese).

    I self-identify as a Presbyterian. I know, I know but let’s leave that off for now, maybe Big Hominid can weigh in-but dammit I ran into one of the most Christian Christians I’ve known for the few months I’ve known him, and he has a blog (which shall go nameless-for it’s my quandary). My quandary didn’t arise from his blog but rather an e-mail. I realize-Malcolm you may not be a big fan of Scripture but realize I’m no expert either (in the offchance I get something a’kilter that you know who, so just in case you do serve the NY area in the capacity I enumerated, I’m just needing an opinion.

    Malcolm, just a couple of things here and you can judge if (well maybe NOT judge ’cause that’s part of it). There was this guy named Lot and he had a family living on 42’nd Street. Not really but it was a while back. The Prime had a tendency when H/S/he got pissed to do her/his thing with either “Pillars of Fire” or floods, locusts, killing the first born-that kinda stuff. But the important thing is this, the Prime did his/her own kinda mayhem without the intercession of man at all. That’s part of my quandary, “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

    Anyway I made the suggestion that partisanship wasn’t getting anything done and maybe a middle of the road consensus kinda approach might be something to try. I admit that I’m not the best example of Christianity (having drank to excess and looked lustily upon medium yet well shaped breasted women as potential “designated drivers”). Nonetheless the far Saintlier guy decreed, “NUKE ‘EM”

    Some explanation is needed here: the region to be nuked was ironically the so-called “Holy Land.” And as I’ve noted above the Prime doesn’t usually do it with a gamma, x-ray, polluting for a thousand year laden mushroom cloud-H/She normally just rains a bunch of toads or at most turns homesick women into pillars of salt.

    Malcolm, my question is: am I being reasonable? Your blog I consider a reasonably civil blog. True enough I visit blogs that have a decidedly political kinda focus however the political blogs I do visit are well, sorta our way or, you’re gonna be nice and toasty for eternity.

    Oh, I should say I don’t eat pork. I used to but now I have high cholesterol. However I am not asking whether I can enjoy sausage with French toast-just general advice as to how I should handle my more Saintly and obviously more Enlightened genomic relatives. I want to be friends but I can handle such a concept as a Prime sorta Guy/Gal raining a pillar of fire down my wire supported suspenders but Malcolm-how does one handle a mere man deciding that something/someone/region deserves an enematic nuke.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend,

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