Trees Eate But Once

A visit this evening to Jeffery Hodges’ website paid a double dividend: not only further coverage of the ongoing Fan Death crisis, but a link to a collection of “Outlandish Proverbs’, taken from a book of the same name published in 1640.

There’s plenty of simple, Lutheran stuff:

Humble Hearts, have humble desires.

The House shewes the owner.

Hee that gets out of debt, growes rich.

All is well with him, who is beloved of his neighbours.

A good bargaine is a pick-purse.

Better the feet slip then the tongue.

Better a bare foote then none.

And some cautionary words for those who might, perhaps, prefer philosophical inquiry to honest toil and the simple rewards of hearth and church:

Hee that lives well is learned enough.

A handfull of good life, is better then a bushell of learning.

He lives unsafely, that lookes too neere on things.

Better to be blinde, then to see ill.

Knowledge is folly, except grace guide it.

All truths are not to be told.

And some are downright gloomy:

Whether goest griefe ? where I am wont.

Autumnal Agues are long, or mortall.

Cover your selfe with your shield, and care not for

Ill comes in by ells, and goes out by inches.

I wept when I was borne, and every day shewes

In life you lov’d me not, in death you bewaile me.

Many kisse the hand, they wish cut off.

The filth under the white snow, the sunne discovers.

And there are some I’m not sure what to make of:

Hee puis with a long rope, that waights for anothers death.

The gentle Hawke, halfe mans her selfe.

Brabling Curres never want sore eares.

Where you thinke there is bacon, there is no Chimney.

Presse a stick, and it seemes a youth.

As the yeere is, your pot must seeth.

A thousand and ten in all, friends; something for everyone. Here.


  1. JK says


    I was enthralled to find Professor Lewis mentioned via the links you provide. Many people I know and have nearly intimate conversations with have continually insisted that his arguments too closely underalign with Einsteins’ Special Relativity theory to be taken at face value. But I simply point out the major flaw in their argument.

    The relevant Wikipedia entry itself provides the proof:

    “Most often the idea that there exists an infinite number of causally isolated universes, each as real as our own but different from it in some way, and that furthermore that alluding to objects in this universe is necessary in order to explain what makes certain counterfactual statements true but not others, meets with what Lewis calls the “incredulous stare” (Lewis, OPW, 2005, pg. 135-137). Lewis defends and elaborates his theory of extreme modal realism, while insisting that there is nothing extreme about it, in On the Plurality of Worlds (1986). Lewis acknowledges that his theory is contrary to common sense, but believes that its advantages far outweigh this disadvantage, and that therefore we should not be hesitant to pay this price.”

    Lewis literally died in 2001 yet Wikipedia does not state, “Lewis insisted” rather the Encyclopedia states, “Lewis insists.”

    Thank you for bringing the memories flooding back Malcolm, and kudos to Professor Hodges whose continuing diligence in his efforts to save Western Civilization are to be commended, and when his statue is erected (currently planned for the western edge of Washingtons’ reflecting pool) I plan to be present. If I miss the shot. Again, thank you.

    Posted July 10, 2008 at 11:38 am | Permalink
  2. Malcolm says

    Well, you shouldn’t thank me for this, JK, but rather Dr. Hodges. I’m just gathering nuts and berries, if not wool, with this one.

    Posted July 10, 2008 at 11:48 am | Permalink
  3. JK says

    Well then, you’re well on your way with with the nuts, I’m less certain as to berries. And I have left all my wool when came the sun of May.

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  4. I’m all for having a statue in my honor, JK, but I am opposed to its being “erected.” Some things are personal, and I prefer not being used as a diving board for Washingtons’ reflecting pool

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

    Posted July 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm | Permalink
  5. JK says

    Professor Hodges,

    As our original letter did seem to be subject to its’ being misconstrued, our legislative mandate included language meant to omit any references to “diving boards” however due to an earmark the language, “substantially pigeon perch” was left in. Hopefully by the time you decease this will be addressed.

    Congress did take a considerable amount of time debating the applicable terms by which the statue was to be emplaced on the dias, “erect” was the only one deemed fit by House and Senate members who happened by circumstance to all be lawyers. That language stays in.

    You should be happy that the change in location was moved from the original site to the western edge so that your outlined shadow shall remain long in Washingtpn’s setting sun, as a reminder to the citizens of our great United States. It does seem fitting that as darkness falls your shadow should be the final thing onlookers should be able to see before the security lights come on.

    Posted July 10, 2008 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

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