Reeling Shadows

Our reader JK, a Navy man who is a steady source of all sorts of information, has provided us this link to an item about gathering tensions with Iran. The source is the blog Information Dissemination, whose focus is naval matters. We read:

Following an attack on Iran by Israel, Iran is not going to find much success trying to sink the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) in the Indian Ocean, but they might have a great deal of success killing you and me here in America. We don’t believe for one second that Iran is going to abide by the Geneva Conventions and not intentionally support the killing of American civilians in North America. If war happens, they are as likely if not more likely to attack here than in the Gulf. Whether you like it or not, there was absolutely no way the Democrats, including Barack Obama, were going to leave the possibility open that Israel attacks Iran, and the US gets hit by terrorist attacks inside the US while the FISA bill wasn’t passed.

This is a key point. The Democratic Party in mass shifted from a core position. This doesn’t happen without keen awareness to some strategic condition. Clearly some outside force has produced conditions which are far outside the scope of national politics, because nothing short of insight and real concern for political survival would Democrats find inspiration for such a massive policy shift with virtually no explanation to its core constituency. This is a major reason, and to Democrats scratching still their heads, an obvious sign we believe that Israel has demanded a time table.

Also from this item: “[T]he conditions for war are indeed being met.” Let’s hope not.


  1. JK says

    A slight clarification, a “former” Navy man. I only add this because I want to remain for the larger part, under the radar.

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  2. JK says

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  3. JK says

    Well, it’s complicated…

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  4. JK says

    One of the reasons I prefer to remain under the radar. The primary reason I am so fond of saying, former navy man.

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  5. JK says

    I am currently being told that “the US” desires to “signal we’re getting the hell outta here, as quick as possible” to keep Israel from doing something (Iran) that would make McCains’ “hundred year” quote, a reality.

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  6. Malcolm says

    Thanks, JK – I’ll have to look at all this when time permits…

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  7. JK says

    Don’t “headline” anything, I can’t get what I consider good verification: 3 sources.

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  8. JK says

    Malcolm, if you have the ability to delete this after reading: do so.

    I got my original info from a mil guy, I checked with a mil guy in a position to know, but I could not get verification from my usual source at State. They are very worried from what I’m hearing-but this is from lower echelon sorts, no Admin people. One would think (at least I would) that if signals were being sent, that State would be in the loop. I’ve been “out on the network” but all I can say for sure is that things are tense. This is the Israel thing I put on.

    I did verify something a bit out of the ordinary. Adm. Keating (CENTCOM) met with his Chinese Navy counterpart and Keating has submitted a proposal to DoD and State for joint inter-navy exercises, US and PRC, but the emphasis is to be a well, “humanitarian” sort of exercise. Not a exactly a military exercise, but this is significant. Ball’s in States’ court. One should have expected any suggestion of US PRC joint exercises to originate out of PACOM.

    PACOM is dealing with “problems” thought to be of importance concerning The Mallacan Straits (aka Mollucan Straits-ie Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, and importantly India). Joint exercises are underway either currently or as US Naval Forces arrive in area. This is South China Sea area and could be the reason CENTCOM is taking an interest. Much, much Navy activity going on just now.

    There is one damn big multi-national (NATO) exercise occurring in the Persian Gulf and the Straits have to be part of any strategic naval plan should Israel do what they seem eager to do. I realize you don’t pray (and actually I think it’s out of gods’ hands) but if you’ve got a special tree in Central Park you think under, well, do some thinking.

    An aside, Japanese peaceniks are raising hell about plans to “homeport” the CVN G. Washington in Yokosuka, this would be the first time a nuclear carrier would be homeported in Japan. There are definitely two MEU’s “in theater” with one participating in the Straits exercise. MSM should likely (I would think) be all over this stuff.

    I recall your putting your address up awhile back but I didn’t think it important. Specific questions can reach me at the_maze_2010 at y dot com . If you want to communicate, pick up a throwaway. It might be a good idea to purchase some gold bullion.

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