Rightward, O!

Barack Obama has, since Hillary Clinton “suspended” her campaign, adjusted his position on quite a few important issues — heeling to starboard on every one in a most sensible and gratifying way. Indeed, the more I see of him, the more he seems to be a man who is actually willing to study complex issues, and who has considerable intelligence to bring to the task. I’m warming to the guy, even if Jesse Jackson wants to “cut his nuts off”.

His rightward slide, however, has the far Left in fits, and he is being bastinadoed in their media organs as a vile betrayer. All very enjoyable. What on earth did they expect?

Gail Collins asks the same question in a delightfully tart piece in today’s Times. Here.


  1. JK says

    Might we see that “Hussein” becomes the middle name of…

    The only reason I ask is that I recently noticed a couple of “young people who seemed to be somehow related to, hell they had the last name “Pollack” which one would not expect to be middle-named Hussein so tribally clan based named, whether they were simply as mine seem to be: I don’t know.

    Whether any is the case, JK must admit he admires Barackoisms to Bushisms.

    But then again, JK thinks generally speaking, there is no longer a dimes’ worth of difference between any major US Party. Unless one considers the parties JK attends as a major party.

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  2. JK says


    JK has an erstwhile “righty-tighty” erstwhile “friend” who for, who knows whatever, seemed to “predict” the changes we seem to be seeing presently. This is from one of those lefty-leaning First Read thingys presented on MSNBC:

    “Back in April on ‘First Read’ I had a chance to comment, look at how it now stands. No. It wasn’t April Fool’s Day. Simply look at how the tide surges. Apr 30’th 12:24:
    “Despite what the Demo contenders are saying now, the serious minded among them realize full well that what they are saying now is window dressing. They will need the “cover” if one of them takes the Presidency to say, “Well, you know I’m on the record as against the war, but.” By then they will be able to say, “well the situation has changed.”

    I think the title was: “Hillary-The Face of America”: Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2007 7:10 PM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: 2008, Clinton”

    JK has been unable to find the original URL but he seems to recall his friends’ thinking that it was inevitable that whomever the Democratic Presumptive was-that “conditions” had indeed changed, and so had to, must change, what the Democrat Party was at the time suggesting, admonishing, that “Out Forthwith” would not be a reasoned option.

    All JK is able to state at this point is that, the Democratic Party, heck any reasoning party, should realize, this is not an easy fix.

    Barack seems, following the must-do’s-of Democrat Party stuff, studying the situation, to be capable of acknowledging this, at this point, July 11th 2008, US (Combat Capable) Forces will NOT be out of Iraq until, at the earliest, March, 2010. And these “enumerated” forces only include the Army branch. Naval and Marine Forces shall remain in theater for the foreseeable future. Army divisions will remain in proximity.

    Our government seems to indicate that China is the biggest threat in the Oceans that US Forces should protect, however Chinese interests seem to coincide with those of the US most directly. It is my friends’ belief that it is not China but rather India that diplomacy should be concentrated upon.

    Chinese history does not indicate confrontation directly. The US has 230 some odd years of history, China-some 5000 years, in some form or other. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, a bunch of stuff. It is true that China attempted to invade Japan, under Mongol rule however. India and Pakistan, well… both “key allies,” complicated.


    My friend, and I believe, the biggest threat of a major “boo-boo” is most likely to occur, probably in the Molucca Straits between India and Pakistan.

    For what it’s worth.

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  3. Malcolm says

    Thanks for that, JK; as I recall there were quite a few pundits who predicted Mr. Obama’s red-shift.

    What’s with the third person? You can’t be channeling Bob Dole; it’s too early.

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  4. JK says

    Well, when I wrote that last evening my friend was hovering and demanded “credit given where credit due.”

    Something like that. That and I was in a rush to get him outta here, man that guy was hell on six-packs.

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  5. JK says

    One other, more recent piece which may be responsible for “changing approaches.”


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  6. JK says


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  7. Malcolm says

    Hi JK,

    Yes, I saw that one when it came out. Thought I had mentioned it in a post, even. But I guess not.

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