Reader JK, in a comment to our previous post, has pointed out something so amusing that it needs a post of its own, I think.

When the presumptive GOP vice-presidential nominee was first presented to the public last Friday, she made an introductory speech in which she mentioned “nucular” weapons. I was horrified, of course, and said so in a contemporaneous post.

Apparently there were those in the GOP who saw this deplorable continuation of Bush-era policy as a dangerous liability also. In the pre-released transcript of the speech Ms. Palin gave last night, the word “nuclear” is explicitly spelled out as “new-clear”, presumably because her handlers had determined that simply telling her how the word ought to be pronounced just wouldn’t get the job done.

I’ll bet that everybody thought somebody was going to clean that up before releasing the transcript to the press. Those media elites and pointy-headed liberal East Coast college types are going to have lots of fun with this one, I’ll bet.

I told you this Palin nomination would liven things up.


  1. JK says

    Remember you “media elites and pointy-headed liberal East Coast college types” you read it here first.

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  2. JK says

    Ah, Malcolm,

    Admittedly I had to return and read the first post where you (oh I’m only tempted to write, “gushed”) gave credit where credit was due-which incidentally leads me to my next point. You wrote,

    “…and she has even, in this short interval, been trained to say “nuclear” (if my previous post was responsible for that, I will gladly waive my usual fee).”

    Normally I would simply feel that the “chest puffing” and the knowledge that perhaps I might have served “a noble service to the country” and be self-satisfied with that. However I’ve recently been forced due to Gustav, to undergo some er, changes that though temporary, have been onerous. Three of the major changes thankfully, I’m no longer adjusting to. I am now sitting in my skivvies, at the keyboard, and the beer is within arm’s reach.

    I hope you do not waive your “usual fee” and, because it was me who brought “new-clear” to your attention, in this case, “do the honorable thing.” I would prefer however that since big-time bloggers and recording industry executives are quite likely to receive “usual fees” that are a bit larger than what I am accustomed to-should you pay by check-write it out to my eldest daughter. You can mail it to me, as we (my eldest and I) have in common a checking account with Navy Federal.

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