Fortunately, They Also Have A Calculator

Google has, for ten years now, been an amazing engine of creativity. Not content with their brand literally becoming a synonym for Internet search, they have kept up a steady output of innovative technology: GMail, GTalk, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Sky, Google Moon, Google Mars, Google Groups, Google Book Search, and on and on. (I realize they didn’t invent all these things; I remember when Google Earth was Keyhole, for example. But they knew what to buy — and once they buy something, they make it much better.) I’d be amazed if there is a computer user in all of America who doesn’t interact with Google on a regular, if not daily, basis.

Much of what they have built their empire on has to do with the creation and management of online “content”. Now they have turned their all-seeing Eye upon a serious problem: those folks who occasionally generate such content at times when, for various reasons, they are suffering temporary handicaps of judgment and style. In one of the company’s lesser triumphs, the boffins at Google now offer GMail users a solution, sort of. Learn more here.

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