I have been harping a lot lately, it seems, on cultural conflicts: immigration, racial and ethnic disharmony, and above all the struggle between Islam and the West. These are of course important topics, but the tagline of this blog (taken, as is the title itself, from Fela Kuti’s Coffin for Head of State), is “I go many places”, and it seems lately that the itinerary has been rather short.

Indeed, I do at times, as have other bloggers of our acquaintance who take up these inflammatory topics, question the wisdom of so publicly opposing the malignant ideologies that threaten Western culture, in particular radical Islam. I have a pleasant enough life, after all, and an interest in maintaining the security of my family, and my income — and one only needs to look at the lives (and in some cases, violent deaths) of some of those who have more prominently pushed back against this memetic pestilence to see how unpleasant the consequences can be. Mind you, I have no grandiose illusions about the scale at which this humble website operates; our monthly visits number only in the low five figures, and certainly I doubt very much that anything I write here has any more effect upon the wider world than if I were to shout it up a drain-pipe. But thanks to the power of search-engines, the Web, though staggeringly enormous, is as flat as a pancake, and in principle any point on it is visible from any other. It is certainly not surprising to me that the folks who hoe this particular row on a daily basis, such as “Dymphna” and “Baron Bodissey” at Gates of Vienna, do so pseudonymously.

So far I have been inclined neither to drop the subject nor to close this blog and resume under an assumed name; I feel it is my right to say what I like, and to presume that as long as the West still stands, that right is defended. (Here in the USA, at least, that still seems to be the case.) I do know that customs agents around the world have taken to Googling the names of arriving visitors, and that, as noted in our previous post, criticism of a great many things is already very poorly tolerated indeed. I haven’t traveled abroad for a few years, so I have no way of knowing whether I might expect any difficulty along those lines next time I do, which will in fact be in just a few weeks. I rather doubt it, as I am hardly as vitriolic as some, but things appear to be changing rather quickly, and some folks are, as we know, very easily offended.

At any rate, a few clicks of our home page’s Random Post link make it pretty clear that the focus here seems to have narrowed lately, compared to what it was a few years ago, and that the tone has become rather dark. Time to lighten up a bit, I think. I should try, at least.


  1. JO says

    I keep trying to comment, but “it” tells me over and over that my link is broken. I hope this doesn’t end up in your inbox a hundred times.
    I wanted to keep it light and tell you that I have NEVER heard of someone shouting up a drain pipe. Isn’t this rather a risky endeavor?

    Posted March 1, 2009 at 9:24 pm | Permalink
  2. Malcolm says

    It looks as if the machinery is working properly, Jeanie; your comment is here, and as a singleton.

    Of course the whole point about the drain-pipe metaphor is that one does not attract a lot of attention in that way; but I do suppose that any accidental drowning resulting from such an existentially questionable practice would probably make the papers, if only the local ones.

    I’ll stick to blogging.

    Posted March 1, 2009 at 9:31 pm | Permalink

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