Give Him A Great Big Hand

Today’s conversation piece at CNN is this comical item, in which an Idaho man seeks a pigeon credulous enough to pay U.S currency for an approximately hand-shaped arrangement of rocks. According to the vendor, one Paul Grayhek, what makes this such a desirable item is that it is a calling-card left in his Coeur d’Alene backyard by none other than God Almighty Himself. (It looks like a rather unexceptional basaltic “trap-rock” formation to me, but what do I know.)

The beauty part, as far as Mr. Grayhek is concerned, is that any prospective buyer (and even taking into consideration the target demographic, it is staggering to imagine that such a dim little fish is indeed swimming around out there somewhere, waiting to be hooked) will not be allowed to cart off the Hand Of God, but must be content to take ownership in situ. We read:

The buyer will “basically be buying the rights, complete and exclusive rights” to the rock, including literary and movie rights, according to Grayhek.

Literary and movie rights! Get me Nicholas Cage’s agent.

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