The Flaming Sword

Religious fanatics have been spreading the love again. First we had Sunday’s murder of Dr. George Tiller by a paranoid Christian extremist — in the sanctuary of a Christian church, no less — and then, Monday morning, a lethal assault on an Army recruiting station by a Muslim zealot.

The latter item, in particular, bears watching, I think; I have a feeling there may be quite a bit more to the story of Mr. Abdulhakim Margahid Muhammad than we have heard so far. It is interesting also that the case seems to be getting far less coverage than I would have expected: I wonder if the timing is significant.

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  1. JK says

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  2. JK says

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  3. JK says

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  4. Jamal says

    Homegrown terrorists do not get the same coverage as would the foreign ones. The same happened with the 2 Jews who were arrest for plotting to bomb a Muslim community center in 2002, i think. Anyone knows what happened to them?
    The other reason, i think, the complications of the case With Mr. Tiller, as this case will maybe modify if not change what we think of “Freedom of Speech”. The question is: can you call him ‘Tiller the baby killer’ hundred times a minute on Foxnews and expect the radical Christians not to act on it. I think this is a borderline hate speech and no different than AlQada’s website and binladin tapes.

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  5. Jamal says

    Sorry for the link mishap up here.


    the link “Egyptians worry that Obama will inadvertently bless repression” is much more significant than anything else, because Arabic moderate intellectuals believe that the US supports and protects dictators in the region for its own benefit and does not give a damn about freedom or democracy. Knowing some of the political history of the region, we know that is true. The white house had received and blessed Mubarak’s son, Gaddafi’s son’s taking over their respective regimes. What a joke? and what an inflated propaganda that the US supports democracy in the Arabic world.

    Arabs have been speaking out about this trend that is getting clearer and more obvious by the day; look at Egypt, Saudi, Libya, Morocco, Tunis, Golf region states, Yamin, all are dictatorships and all best friends with the US. The only democracy in the region is in Lebanon, and its been targeted repeatedly by the US govt. for ‘allowing’ the democratically elected, Hizballa’s, whose members’ only fault is defeating Israel, exposing its military weakness – that seem to win only against Gaza’s kids, and infrastructure – and freed the Lebanese territories from the Israeli occupation. Imagine the fault!!

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  6. Dave says

    “It is interesting also that the case seems to be getting far less coverage than I would have expected: I wonder if the timing is significant.”

    Only to you!!!, as i see it all over the news. but for an Islamphobic i guess it is still too little, maybe you will be satisfied with burning to the torches, and killing all the Muslims in this country.

    The US is a pragmatic nation. We need the Pro-Israel money for electing our officials, so we make policies that make those lobbies happy, and who cares about the Palestinian people and the unthinkable crimes committed against them. Sad!.

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  7. Malcolm says


    At the time I wrote this the Arkansas case was nowhere to be found on CNN’s front page, and the Tiller murder was splashed all over. A Google search turned up less than a quarter as many references to the Arkansas shootings as the Tiller murder.

    To suggest that I would like to “kill all the Muslims” is simply ridiculous.

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  8. Dave says

    It is indeed ridiculous, if you are a sane person and not an Islamphobic , but really what are you asking for here? A faster reporting than the Tiller case? well maybe Google search engines were not fast enough to pick it up, but the story was all over the media (Foxnews, CNN, CBS, etc..) the minute it broke out and before you posted your comment, for sure.
    In your post you have supported two fallacies
    :(1) you called the Tiller killer a “paranoid Christian extremist”, but you called the other, a “Muslim zealot” , This language discrepancy in describing similar incident said a lot about you! (2) the fact that the media wasn’t “fact enough” because of the timing, and here you are insinuating that this act is related to 1.8 billion Muslims and that they will be offended by it, which is completely untrue as most Muslims do not support these kinds of acts and feel estranged to its basis.

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  9. Malcolm says

    I haven’t said anything whatsoever about 1.8 billion Muslims. Scott Roeder is indeed paranoid, according to his ex-wife, and is by all accounts a Christian extremist. Mr. Muhammad is certainly a Muslim, and certainly a zealot.

    It occured to me that on the eve of President Obama’s hopeful and important speech to the Muslim world there might be some reluctance on the part of the news organizations to get the American public whipped up about a murderous rampage on American soil by a Muslim terrorist with international connections. That’s all.

    Don’t be so touchy.

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  10. Dave says

    Didn’t I just pointed out that you were wrong and every media outlet had it on? they just weren’t fast enough for you? and i am not touchy, i am just pointing out that you were wrong, and classy thing is to admit that you were, and we can move on. Also, wrong on what ‘occurred‘ to you!

    Also, did you really believe that the American media would hold off publishing a juicy story like this one? specially on the eve of the big speech to the Muslim world.

    One final note, don’t worry old man, your precious Jewish state will continue doing what it is doing, nothing is gonna come out of this, it is just a speech. Israeli radical Jewish lobby groups has the US by the balls, it is ridiculous!

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  11. Malcolm says

    No, I wasn’t wrong, as I have already explained; at the time I wrote this post the Tiller stories outnumbered the Arkansas ones four to one. Go and rant somewhere else, please.

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  12. Kevin Kim says

    Malcolm, you really know how to bring out the crazies.

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  13. Malcolm says

    Too true, Kevin, and as you can see I haven’t the stomach to gut them once they are on the hook.

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  14. JK says

    Send them to a Wal-Mart Malcolm, there they’ll get employment opportunities and (at least in the Hillbilly areas) there’ll be a darkspot marking roadkills. There is an employment opportunity here. We’d accept (maybe-depending on lard content-Wall Streeters) and hillbillys offer up our dogs puppies for the 72 virgins, but only some roadkills, qualify.

    Those less qualified we send to Cummins.

    Even there, they learn employable skills. Not simply the ability to render poor language skills on a blog-post.

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  15. JK says

    I apologize Dave, I left something out. I can’t actually admit to being an actual “Islamaphobe” in it’s strictest sense, because that would (as I understand it) not allow me – a nominal Presbyterian – to sit at the dinner table with my two Muslim brothers-in-law.

    (Extraordinarily – apparently to the Westernaphobes – one from Pakistan, the other from India.)

    Admittedly Mother tests them sometimes, she places a “Swirl-Cut Virginia Ham” in the center of the Thanksgiving table and asks one to carve, both to enjoy. Neither have expressed any desire to carve and neither have placed any of that delectably prepared ham on his plate. Yet true too, neither have denied my sisters what “I think” has been their Mom’s favorite.

    And I have noticed, throughout these twelve years (well 10 for Odil) neither have left the table.

    Now what my sisters face at home immediately after Thanksgiving I can’t actually say, it isn’t accepted Presbyterian doctrine (as I understand it) to follow them home and ensure my sisters aren’t “purged or cleansed” in some manner.

    All I do know is that both send me (usually a card – sometimes an email) that they were happy to see me at Thanksgiving. (In the case of emails – those emails always came from their places of employment.)

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  16. George says

    I thought you were spending your welfare check that night in front of the liquorstore .. .

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  17. Dave says


    You sure got a thing for porky, you keep on mentioning quite a bit here and elsewhere and wanting to feed it to Muslims, all the time. Are speaking of you own inner desire. I am an open minded guy i believe in sexual freedom to all, but don’t know if i can support this one, but hey i am game as long as you keep it in your bedroom, or should i say the muddy barn.

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  18. Dave says


    Your both sisters chose to be with Muslim men? okkk, and you follow them home every thanksgiving becaaauuuuse???? and your Mom despite knowing that her sons in law don’t eat ham, she makes it anyway for a traditionally turkey meal event? hmmmmm???!!! no wonder you are f&%king disturbed individual!

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  19. JK says


    From above.

    “Now what my sisters face at home immediately after Thanksgiving I can’t actually say, it isn’t accepted Presbyterian doctrine (as I understand it) to follow them home ”

    Then your, “Your both sisters chose to be with Muslim men? okkk, and you follow them home every thanksgiving becaaauuuuse????”

    Stay focused. And actually, only two of five.

    Then your, “…you are f&%king disturbed individual!”

    Well, you got one right.

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  20. Dave says


    And who are the 3 sleeping with? Christians? Hindus? Vegetarians ? Does your “lovely mom” serves them beef, meet maybe for the Vegans? No wonder your sane sises come home once a year. “to follow them home ”, still, the thought is there: i know of a clinic that is good for you, the doctors are Muslims in there.

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  21. JK says

    Why thank you Dave,

    Is the clinic you mention within handy driving distance of my location?

    Extended drives are difficult to manage given the limitations of welfare checks, definitely not overnight stays. Fuel prices you know.

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  22. JK says

    Excuse the oversight Dave,

    I see it was George who made mention of my receiving welfare checks, not you.

    But George, you of all people should know I no longer am able to drive after nightfall. But I do enjoy liquor stores as much as the next fellow. Well, at least what I’m able to obtain at a liquor store.

    As for the three others Dave? Actually two of them are “sleeping” with no one, in fact – they’re not even breathing. And to whom do I have to thank for that immutable fact? Well I can’t say any individual specifically – neither left as much as a fingerprint.

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