The Big Chill

I must say there has hardly been a time in the last ten years or more that I have disconnected myself more thoroughly from the welter and bustle of the world. I have hardly glanced at a newspaper for weeks now, and aside from switching the radio on every so often to check the weather, I have been almost entirely oblivious to events outside our secluded corner of Cape Cod. (This being Cape Cod, however, I did hear about the death of Massachusetts’s senior senator a few days back.) I’ve been spending almost all my time getting re-acquainted with family and friends, have switched on the computer only infrequently (aside from a few days of work I had to do last week), and such time as I have had to myself I’ve mostly spent spending reading and playing music, with almost no inclination to write.

Nine days to go, and we’ll be back in Gotham, the nerve-center of the modern world, and things will get back to normal here. Until then, feel free to visit our archives, or to try the “View a Random Post” link on the homepage. And don’t miss the many interesting goings-on over at Mangan’s, where our friend Dennis is, among other things, grappling manfully with Lawrence Auster on several fronts.

My best to all.

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