Wake-Up Call

The New York Times columnist and W.F. Buckley protégé David Brooks has been, amongst influential conservative voices, on e of the most admiring of, and sympathetic to, President Obama. In his most recent column, however, his tone is somewhat less approving, and for exactly the right reasons. We read:

This is a country that has always been suspicious of centralized government. This is a country that has just lived through an economic trauma caused by excessive spending and debt. Most Americans still admire Obama and want him to succeed. But if he doesn’t proceed in a manner consistent with the spirit of the nation and the times, voters will find a way to stop him.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. Jack says

    Yes, and his Republican opponents are the very picture of rational discourse on an important topic. No fear mongering there. No, it’s obvious that Republicans won’t get health care under a Democratic government insurance plan.

    On the whole it appears they’d rather see Obama lose than actually negotiate a deal more satisfiable to everyone. Why don’t Republicans try to negotiate in tort reform? You don’t think Democrats would jump at the chance of picking up a few Republican votes? No, all I see is obstructionism and raving. You for example have compared the plan to putting an ATM right next to the border (utter nonsense).

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  2. Malcolm says

    Right, Jack, that David Brooks is the very holotype of a raving lunatic; he’s practically foaming at the mouth. And of course it is absurd to imagine that extending costly taxpayer-funded health-care services to tens of millions of illegal immigrants on a “path to citizenship” would be an expense worth caring about.

    Posted September 2, 2009 at 11:01 am | Permalink

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