The Loyal Opposition

Ever since he first bestrode the national stage back in 2004, people have been swooning over Barack Obama (quite literally so, in fact, during last year’s campaign). Yes, yes, he’s handsome, articulate, intelligent, and all that — I get it — but there is also something else, a certain je ne sais quoi, about the man that makes him as heady as catnip to an awful lot of otherwise sober folks.

One wants to be wary in the presence of such a Lothario, however pure his heart and noble his aim, and our friend The Stiletto — who is, for whatever mysterious reason, unensorcelled by his charms — casts a watchful eye on the phenomenon here.

Meanwhile, as long as I’m piling on, here’s a review of Mr. Obama’s healthcare speech, from someone with his eye on “that man behind the curtain“.

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