Lisbon, 1755

Like all of you, I have been watching with horror the reports from Port-au-Prince. To this sorrowful place, which has for centuries known little but tyranny, misery, and despair, has now come, in a fell and sudden stroke, suffering and death on a scale beyond all imagining. Bodies are stacked in the streets — where they will lie for days or weeks, as there is nowhere to take them, and nobody to do it anyway. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people are trapped or crushed beneath the rubble. In the photos and videos I saw children everywhere: dazed, bleeding, broken, orphaned or dead. There are no hospitals — all destroyed — and no government services of any sort.

The grim toll will only worsen in the days ahead, as thirst, hunger, injury and disease do their work. Already shooting is breaking out.

I heard one man say: “We still have God’s love.”

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