A Fair Trial? Prospects Dhimming

Yesterday the judge in the free-speech trial of Geert Wilders ruled that only three of the eighteen witnesses Mr. Wilders had hoped to call to testify about the true nature of Islam will be permitted to appear, and must do so behind closed doors. There may now be a long delay while these appearances — by Hans Jansen, Simon Admiraal, and Wafa Sultan — are scheduled.

This is a strategy that will likely backfire in the larger court of Dutch public opinion: Geert Wilders is easily the most popular public figure in Holland right now, and his persecution in this show trial, by a craven government already on its knees and fumbling for the jizya, is going to be a political victory for him no matter how it ends.

There is now a website devoted to news about the trial, here: http://www.wildersontrial.com. And as always, the clearinghouse for news about the Eurabian resistance movement is the steadfast Gates of Vienna.

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