Refraction, And Reflection

Enough politics for now. I’m tired of it all, and I’m going to lay off it for a little while at least, as difficult as that may be (well, maybe just the occasional link now and then). When I started this blog, 5 years and 1,688 posts ago, I almost never wrote about such things, and life was perhaps more agreeable for it. And while I know my outspokenness on these matters has attracted some new readers, I also know I’ve put a few old ones off, as well.

I do think there are important things to be said — our nation and our culture, which have stood against the storm so proudly for so long, are imperiled as never before, this time from within — but other, stronger voices than mine are sounding the call loud and clear, and I’m going to give it a rest.

So for now, back to other things — and there are so many of them — for a spell. I’ll probably post a bit less frequently for a few weeks as well.

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