We’re back in Gotham, where, as it does every July (though somewhat tardily last year), the Hell-mouth has opened once again. It will be about 100° tomorrow, with suffocating, hope-crushing humidity. As always, I have begun to panic, to despair, to long to sleep at last in the cold, cold ground.

That said, it was a lovely weekend, and we had a delightful 4th. Although I agree with of my colleagues on the Right that the America of the Founding Fathers is probably doomed, if not already deceased, the victim of an aggressive campaign to vilify, destroy and supplant America’s Anglo-European cultural identity and the principles of individual liberty and enterprise upon which the nation was founded — nevertheless I still see Independence Day, and the bravery and vision of the Founders, and the moral and political genius of Jefferson’s immortal document, as something to celebrate, if only in the way that we mourn and honor our venerated and beloved dead.

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