The bottom having fallen out of the recording business, for the past ten years or so I’ve been writing software to earn my daily crust. You probably know that programmers spend a good deal of time “debugging” the software they write (I’ve often felt inclined to refer to the remainder of what we do as “embugging”, for symmetry’s sake, though so far it hasn’t caught on) — but you may not know that, just like their biological counterparts, software bugs have a complex and arcane taxonomy.

Some of the more exotic varieties, in fact, have been assorted according to a nomenclature that maps them onto quantum-mechanical and mathematical exotica and their discoverers. There are, for example, Heisenbugs, Schroedinbugs, Mandelbugs, and Bohrbugs.

Learn about these, and phase-of-the-moon bugs, and more, here.

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