Crack Addict

It’s a very busy week, and there will be scant opportunity for writing for the next day or two, so it’s Shameless Filler time once again.

This cheeky item certainly qualifies, I think.

What? You sophisticates are in no mood for such lowbrow japery? Well then, waste your time instead with the hosts of my favorite radio show, Car Talk, who would like you to meet their staff.

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One Comment

  1. JK says

    I think maybe ol’ Roland should probably put in an app for a job at CarTalk. I’m not sure what position he’d be the most qualified for but he was after all driving a Hyundai.

    Heck, maybe the hiring guy could create a new job title.

    Incidentally, thanks for posting that – I pasted the link into a comment thread for a Willie Nelson concert in Mountain Home Arkansas. I’ve finally joined the esteemed ranks of those who’ve received the “comment deleted due to terms of use violation.” But the comment deleter guy did add the words, “Funny, but you shouldn’t have mentioned a specific Sheriff’s Deputy by name. However you can send the link through our email program.”

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