As planned, I’ve hardly written anything here for a couple of weeks now. The lovely Nina and I are sequestered at our modest hilltop dacha here in the Outer Cape, and after spending two or three long days each week writing code (thank goodness for telecommuting!) the last thing I’ve felt like doing is to spend more time at the computer while everyone else is out lolling on the beach, swimming in the ponds, eating, drinking, and generally enjoying one another’s company in one of the nicest places on Earth.

The world is certainly going to hell as usual, but I’m confident it will still be going to hell a couple of weeks from now, when the last few weeks of summer are over. Till then, I think a “miscellany of brief items” will have to do.

So: here’s a piquant item from Thomas Sowell, and a parking-garage door that sounds like Miles Davis. I’m off for some chowder.

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