It’s That Bad

Tweeted just now by @tonywoodlief:

Hurricane Sandy forces closure of UN, causing intolerable delays in the global spread of moral equivalence.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey there are sharks in the streets.

Update: that last one’s a fake.

Here’s Atlantic City.

And Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Stuyvesant Town. Holy crap.

Dennis Miller (@DennisDMZ) tweets:

I’m in NY. Bloomberg just warned people if storm does drive them to cannibalism they should not use salt on their fellow citizens. #sandy

First Avenue.

(High tide still a little while off, BTW.)

14th Street.

And now, power failing in Manhattan. I can’t believe it’s still on here in Wellfleet…

Battery Tunnel now filling with water.

Manhattan now cut off – no way in or out.

OK, you get the idea. Watch the news.

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