You Asked For It, You Got It

With a hat tip to Kevin Kim, here’s one physician’s comments on Obamacare (which of course we have now lost any hope of repealing).


  1. Kevin Kim says

    Thanks for the mention.

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  2. JK says

    Thank you Kevin.

    That link went quite a ways explaining what until now had been both a mystery and came very close to being a real mis-read of intent (with very possibly terrible consequences).

    (The only thing saved me – Viagra no longer works for me and so I wasn’t particularly thinking about it.)

    My most recent physical [VA] had some very unusual features (or so I’d thought). In the past, when it’s been an annual physical, I’d just see the MD. Then labs, lastly a chest x-ray.

    This time, a very leggy-lovely [female] PA had me into her office for a nice long chat during which she asked me what I took to be, uherm, … well since I read that link – I know now wasn’t what I took the chat to actually be.

    It was actually – kinda nice – until now that I read the link.

    (I am very glad I didn’t ask my Doc what I was considering asking him after the PA let me out of her clutches.)

    Thanks again. There are real benefits to checking Waka regularly.

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  3. JK says


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