Working Late

No time for writing tonight. So here are two video clips:

First, here’s the late Christopher Hitchens letting that cad Bill Clinton have it with both barrels. (Why Clinton remains so popular eludes me; the man is a knave and a blackguard.)

Second, here’s the one and only Stevie Wonder working his magic, and stealing the show. Enjoy.

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  1. JK says

    Mind Malcolm, Bill Clinton “outclasses” me even though I’m from – and he’s [nominally] from the same place. And Hillary as you well know is from… admittedly whether she’s from hill country, I dunno – but neither is Bill.

    Except, except … they’re each comfortable accepting from the sulpherous exuding reaches and we [Arkansas] tried to get rid of them best we could.

    How could we know they’d move to New York where Bill managed to get all the support he needed to get hisself elected President and Hillary’d get herself elected New York’s Senator? Then…

    I’m beginning to put alot of weight onto the notions the Puritans of your neck of the woods held to some diabolical intent[s] as to the rest of us. And I’m getting increasingly weirded out.

    My friend Bret (on your sidebar) has been going on for quite awhile about “The Lizard People” intenting to take over us all.

    Could it be … is Moldbug gonna windup giving credit equally to Arkansas and New York?

    I’ve found myself oddly at wonders:

    Might it be what began with the huge deficit/debt runups beginning this century – combined with eventually Winston’s bust getting removed from the Oval Office – equally a measure of recipe?

    Such a huge colony as what was to become the US had to be a terrific drain on the Exchequer (was it known thusly?) anyways, a huge drain on Britain. The remainder of the Colonies altogether combined was likely not to have been such a drain equalling the expenditures originating from the remainder of the Empire. The technology of the day ensured Canada’s population remained a solid buffer in the lower fifth of that region so that both the French and Spanish interests were easily constrained.

    It has been observed (paraphrased) Great Britain and We are seperated by a common language. But for the most part our seperation (strategically) lasted only for +/- 50 years. And when in our interests, or Great Britain’s [French Revolution/Napolean] we easily combined. As has been the case until [maybe] very recently.

    Whether strictly “treasonous” or not, I cannot say, but what was to become the US undoubtedly had oh, Friendlies in Parliament, ignorant of the times/context there, I’d need either a David Duff or yourself Malcolm to fill-in my ‘Paint-by-Numbers’ – Apologies Malcolm: Move [Delete] this comment as you will.

    I wonder if there was a cabal sharing between the American Colonies and Parliament – the Revolution could rather easily – have been shut down.

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  2. Dom says

    Concerning Clinton, he gave us 8 years of a decent economy, and that’s all I want of a president. His personal life never bothered me.

    His foreign policy was not worse than others.

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  3. JK says

    Dom my friend?

    You Sir are far too equitable. So you Sir can’t (even though it’s your Right – well, if you’ll look upwards to where TBH admits to liking bacon….)

    Anyways Dom, We’ve [notice how our Forefathers capitalized?] John Hancock has signed for Us a rental car. And He’ll be driving. TheBigHenry &c will occupy the back seat. TBH of course exalted above anybody carrying an Arkansas Driver’s License’ll be right behind (properly buckled) our texting John Hancock.

    Me’ll be (of course and againmost properly buckled in to my child safety-seat & facing properly backwards) to the right of TheBigHenry.

    Dom? Might be a wise choice to stay off the highways for awhile, Duff’s having his monkey-gland transplant today at East Anglia and Malcolm’ll be reading the map with help from Sarah Palin as we cross the Ted Stevens Bridge to where all the “Correct” Experts will be performing surgery.

    Slight chance it’ll happen – but the Russia/Great Britain Interchange has, like the US Congress, the possibility we’ll end up in the Bermuda Triangle.

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  4. Dom says

    That’s an interesting point, JK. And yes, I did notice how our Forefathers capitalized.

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  5. Churchgoer says

    Right, along with another of Hitchens’ frequent targets, Mother Teresa – that conniving, reptilian wench.

    For another perspective on Hitchens, read Blumenthal’s “The Clinton Wars”.

    The value of a public figure is how inspiring they are to the millions who don’t know them personally. That is their primary function. Arguably, Clinton has inspired more people the world over than has any other president since Kennedy. Jury still out on Obama due to circumstances beyond his control.

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  6. Dom says

    “The value of a public figure is how inspiring they are to the millions who don’t know them personally. That is their primary function.”

    Nooooooooo. The primary function of a politician is to keep his hands out of my pockets while letting me live in peace and freedom. If I want to be inspired, I’ll listen to Mozart.

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  7. Once again, JK has, in his inimitable way [he mentions my name in a comment that is otherwise incomprehensible to me], enticed me to comment in a thread that I was content to simply observe at a distance. I will, therefore, engage out of respect for JK’s generally friendly demeanor [as far as I can deduce from my crude and rudimentary understanding of Arkansasian].

    Back in the day, I liked Bill. Hill, less so. I was outraged by the Starr “persecution”, because I have always felt that powerful men have, by and large, always been, if not womanizers, at least philanderers [OK, so the distinction is subtle, if it even exists]. Even straight and narrow Ike had an affair with an English girl who drove his jeep and stroked his bleep. Truman, however, who ordered Marshall to kick Ike’s butt, was a rare anomaly [or perhaps even a saint].

    Today, I am somewhat older and perhaps a little less naive about the ways of the world. I see Bill as more of a sleazeball than I had originally given him credit for. As for Hillary, she is truly a nasty, grasping, lying bitch, and, I suspect, an intense disliker of the Juice (no, I don’t mean OJ). Nevertheless, I doubt that she would willfully wreck our economy and thereby our Nation’s future.

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  8. the one eyed man says

    I can report from personal experience that having unlimited sexual access is not as easy as you may think. When you’re a good-looking guy like me – or even leader of the free world – maintaining discipline can be difficult.

    I don’t fault Clinton for his zipper problem, as he was simply being true to his biological roots. Among primates, the alpha male is generous in spreading his seed.

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  9. “Spreading”, whether it’s seed, wealth, or legs seems to be a common theme among liberals.

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