Yes, A Bulwark Against Tyranny

Reader ‘Up2L8’ has added an excellent comment to the end of our “Hell On Earth” thread, in which he lists the various drafts of the Second Amendment that preceded its ratification.

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  1. JK says

    If this is the same “Up” (which I suspect you probably are) I’m familiar with – me of another guise, thanks.

    I’ve wondered how all my friends from that other place are doing, if you still visit pass along 1duk’s “Best.”

    And I’ll hope that old address of mine can still be reached.

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  2. Up2L8 says


    Yup, one, same and original. Am baaaaack. The speedometer falls far short of 100 these days.

    Lost many addy’s. Once restored can resume.

    This one remains the same.

    Give regards to same, 1duk.


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