There’s no shortage lately of the sort of topics I’d normally be commenting on. The ongoing Second Amendment “debate” is certainly one (this Vanity Fair piece deserves a good going over, for example, and I’ve piled up a lot of related material that needs organizing into a post). The eternal and stupendously useless budget war in Washington is another. There’s Al Gore’s sale of his cable network, Current TV, to al-Jazeera (the saintly Mr. Gore decided to cash out for a pile of Qatari oil money, after turning down an offer from Glenn Beck on the grounds that he was concerned about the station’s “legacy”). There’s the increasingly brazen disdain for the Constitution itself, and savage contempt for those who take it to mean what it says, that we see in the emboldened mainstream press. And so on.

I’m just too weary of it all tonight, though, to muster up much enthusiasm for the cause. Maybe tomorrow.

For tonight, then: an odd natural phenomenon, from the roof of the world.

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