Talking Sense About Semiautomatics

Champion sharpshooter Jessie Duff demonstrates a variety of semiautomatic firearms for Sean Hannity, making clear once again that the hysterical focus on so-called “assault rifles” is ignorant idiocy. (Look, for example, at the damage done by that 12-gauge.)

As with all semiautomatics: one round per trigger pull.

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  1. JK says

    I’m maybe/probably gonna be rueing that I gave one of my kids one of my sentimental favorites, a Model 1100 12 guage semi back in July.

    Oh well, now I at least don’t worry nearly as much “somebody’s” threats to knock her door down will carry through. (Actually that “somebody’s” been remarkably quiet and peaceful-like since being told Daddy’d been to town.)

    But back to the important.

    Don’t know you had to click any of the links from that “info piece” you posted the other day Malcolm – but it goes to the heart of all this assault weapons are the dangerousmost of the lethalistmost.

    But here is where to find it:

    Besides the AR-15, James Holmes used a best-selling and arguably more lethal shotgun at the Aurora movie theater shooting.

    (If one needs the info, the embedded link goes to a NYT article – in some quarters, “Well if it’s the NYT it’s bound to be reliable!”)

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  2. JK says

    (Should ol’ One Eye be lurking) when a door gets knocked down it’s apt to happen very fast. And the door-knocker-downer won’t patiently wait until the 911 dispatcher is brought up to speed.

    When seconds count – the police can be there in minutes.

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  3. Up2L8 says

    Perhaps a reason why people really need to ‘think’ before any enactment of anti-gun laws is because the ideological movement is all predicated on lies and misinformation. Turns out the shooter in Newtown used…Handguns. The Aurora Colorado shooters ‘assault weapon’…jammed less than a third of the way through a magazine and he went on to shoot 70 people using a shotgun and a handgun. The Gifford’s shooter…handgun. The VA Tech shooter….handgun. THE VAST majority of gun violence that occurs throughout the country? Weapon type is irrelevant because they use any and everything they can but for the most part? Handguns.

    Oooops…but that’s not the mantra, is it? The mantra is “high capacity magazines! Assault weapons! Military (cosmetically enhanced) style weapons. Eeeevil looking rifles.

    Certainly isn’t about the facts…more to do with control or ban guns and will dance in the blood of dead children to accomplish their goals.

    MSNBC aired 12/15/12

    Move over Sandra Fluke, you may be replaced by Sandy Button.
    “Please Take Away My Right to a Gun”

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  4. JK says

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  5. Up2L8 says


    Move over Sandra Fluke, you may be replaced by Sandy Button. Replace with Wendy Button

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  6. I took my 5 year old nephew to see Bambi. She took her 5 year old nephew out to “harvest” a bambi. That’s the way to do it.

    I will give the government my guns if they give us back the financial system. Or give us back the healthcare system. Just make it a fair trade.

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