The Idols Of The Tribe

If you’ve been following the national “conversation” about immigration and race relations (at least as publicly reported), it may come as a surprise to you to learn that one can speak about these things in a heterodox way on any grounds but “hate”. To express such dissenting opinions, however rational their basis, and however common they may be in the private thoughts of millions of Americans, is to risk career-threatening opprobrium, and exclusion from polite society. So most people don’t do it.

To get this stuff “wrong” these days, you see, is not simply to be wrong (or even, in the smug phrase now so popular amongst self-styled “progressives”, to be “on the wrong side of history”): it is to be morally wrong, another word for which is “evil”. And it’s quite OK, as it has always been, to hate evil people. (It’s actually quite fun, and brings folks together.)

Nevertheless, here’s the radioactive dissident John Derbyshire, giving it a go anyway in an address to a recent web-conference. His remarks, despite their heretical partiality toward his own, much-despiséd people and culture, are mild-mannered and thoroughly unmalevolent. Read them at the peril of your soul.

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