Must-See TV

Here’s Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s pre-storm presser from Thursday night. Pure gold.


  1. I am not a fan of the Commonwealth’s gov. I think he is an anti-capitalist lefty who has made a fortune from corporate interests in his pre-gubernatorial life.

    The government of the Peoples Republic is infested with busybodies.

    The press conference was the usual weirdness. Still, I have to admit, el jefe máximo’s pronunciamento worked.
    I live in an area where smaller storms have done more damage. When the snow stopped, and my plow guy came, I was able to drive off with minimal inconvenience.

    I am disappointed that I can’t hate on Deval for this. Also sad is I won’t be able to tell grandkids about the hell that was the Blizzard of ’13.

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  2. Malcolm says

    I don’t hate any of these people, I just want them not to have any power over us. And of course, when they do something right — for example Mr. Obama’s use of drone-strikes against those who have declared themselves committed to our destruction — I have no problem crediting them for it.

    I only linked to the press conference because it was a fantastic, almost surreal, glimpse of the world we’re living in.

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  3. It was surreal.

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  4. Malcolm says

    But real, nevertheless! If you’re as old as I am, the modern world is beginning to seem like some sort of collective (not to mention collectivist!) hallucination.

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