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The Camel’s Nose

And here it is: DOJ: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights. The move comes […]

Why Not?

In an essay distributed today, Patrick Buchanan suggests abolishing the corporate tax. We read (long excerpt): In a press release, “Avoiding Their Fair Share of Taxes,” the AFL-CIO hails Levin [that’s Senator Carl Levin, D-MI, who summoned Apple to the presence and berated Tim Cook for taking advantage of legal tax-minimization strategies] and bewails the […]

O Brave New World

This is very impressive indeed.

No Pain, No Gain

This just in: as of 2014, the U.S. armed forces are to begin phasing out their traditional physical-fitness programs in favor of a new, full-body conditioning system, which has already shown dramatic effects after being adopted by police forces in the U.K. and Sweden. You can see it here.

How Big Is Africa?


Coming Attractions

With a hat tip to our man Mangan, we have this, from the Telegraph: Death risk lottery of NHS surgery We read: Patients undergoing planned operations on the NHS are far more likely to die if they have their operations towards the end of the week, according to a landmark study published in the British […]

It’s Not About The Nail

OK, maybe this should have been the Clip of the Day.

Clip Of The Day

Amazing footage: storm chasers in a specially prepared vehicle end up inside the tornado they were following. Hope that thing has washable seats.

Human Gravy Siphon

To the tune of 156,000 New York taxpayer dollars annually, plus lavish perks. Here.


You’ve heard the term lately, no doubt. If you’re wondering what it means, have a look here: Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks while Stockholm Burns We read: [W]hile the Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief […]

Simple Common Sense About Diversity And Immigration

I think it’s time for a brief review of some simple, obvious facts about human nature and the character of human societies. 1) People generally prefer to live with others like themselves. Even in highly diverse places like great port cities, people generally associate homogeneously in their private lives. 2) In highly homogeneous societies, those […]

There Is Something Fascinating About Science

Sorry, readers, for my neglect of these pages over the past few days. I’ve hardly looked at a computer, or read the news, since Wednesday, and I will say that I’m a better man for it. Until I get caught up, and find myself actually having something to write about, here’s a little nugget from […]

Breaking The Spell?

Over the transom tonight comes a link to Victor Davis Hanson’s latest: a summary of just how dangerous the bloat and rot and corruption of our Executive Branch has become. We read: Government has become a sort of malignant metastasizing tumor, growing on its own, parasitical on healthy cells, always searching for new sources of […]

Sock Puppets

So: the rest of the press gets Baghdad Bob Carney in the briefing room, and the ones with the OFA kneepads get a private pow-wow. Duly noted.

The Truth Is Great, And Shall Prevail. Or Not.

Yesterday I wrote, with regard to the Richwine affair, that “in their ardor to eliminate, for all time, every form of discrimination — which righteous Quest, infinite and unbounded, is the holiest sacrament of our new secular religion — it seems that many on the multiculturalist Left are more than willing to bring Truth itself […]

Speak Of The Devil!

In recent days we’ve linked to an assortment of comments on the public flaying and excommunication of Jason Richwine. (The linked items have all been supportive; had I found anything from the other side that I thought was intellectually respectable enough to offer our readers, I would have done so. If you readers have anything […]

Too Busy

Sorry for the lack of substantial content over the past few days. Lord knows there’s been a lot to comment on, but I’ve had no time for writing.

Death Extends His Finger

Here is a horrifying video of the tornado that just devastated Moore, Oklahoma.

It Can Happen Here

In case you needed reminding.

And Then You Die

Here‘s what hemotoxic snake venom does to blood.

Ticker Symbol, Please

This is quite a story, if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

The HBD Bibliography

One-stop shopping for all you HBD and Endarkenment sorts (you know who you are*). Here.     * And the IRS probably does, too.


Fabulous surfing video, here.


Wow, I love this little guy.

The Greatest Of Heresies

Despite the multiple eruptions of scandal threatening to engulf the Obama administration (a dazzling constellation of embarrassments that I would normally be commenting on with gusto), it’s the Jason Richwine affair that has my attention. It is the best and most public example, so far, of the pathological cognitive dissonance required to sustain mainstream multiculturalist […]

Slip-Sliding Away

The DOJ/DOE announce new on-campus speech restrictions. Here. Oh, and don’t miss this, courtesy of @Iowahawk.

This Just In!

Now here’s an interesting item: it seems that upper-body strength in males correlates positively with opposition to redistributive economic policies. We read: “Our results demonstrate that physically weak males are more reluctant than physically strong males to assert their self-interest — just as if disputes over national policies were a matter of direct physical confrontation […]

Voices Of The Damned

The latest to comment on the Richwine defenestration: Patrick Buchanan, with perhaps the sharpest response yet. Read it at the peril of your soul — or at the very least, of your adjustment to the Matrix. Update, May 15th: adding Charles Murray and Andrew Sullivan.

But Wait, There’s More!

According to a story in today’s Washington Examiner, the systematic harrying of conservative groups by the federal government was not limited to the IRS. It’s becoming clearer by the day why Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as his running mate. More here.

A Spontaneous Reaction

Just in case you missed it the first time around: here’s Susan Rice on Meet The Press, Sunday, September 16th, 2012.


I pass this along without comment.

As It Happens

Here’s a map showing changes to Wikipedia in real time.

Like An Impure Being

More on the Richwine witch-burning, from VDare’s Peter Brimelow, here. This really matters, folks, and people (at least on the more mainstream, non-HBD Right) are starting to realize it, I think. This man was awarded a doctorate from Harvard on the basis of a carefully researched, quantitative analysis of empirical data. His review panel was […]

Casting Out The Devil, Cont’d

Michelle Malkin has now joined the small chorus of writers protesting the ruination of Jason Richwine for crimespeak (see our previous entry, just below). She writes: Richwine’s 166-page dissertation, “IQ and Immigration Policy,” is now being used to smear him – and by extension, all of Heritage’s scholarship – as “racist.” While the punditocracy and […]

We’re Number One

Here is a map showing the occupation of the highest-paid public-sector employee in each of the fifty states.

Casting Out The Devil

The Heritage Foundation’s recent immigration study, mentioned in these pages just the other day, has now attracted the attention of the Inquisition. In particular, one of the study’s authors, Jason Richwine — who made the serious mistake of making public certain well-researched psychometric data of a profoundly heretical nature — today finds himself, in conformance […]

Yes, It Matters

It was quite a day at the Benghazi hearings: sharp contradictions of the Obama administration’s account of events (regarding in particular the YouTube story and the failure to provide both security and relief), as well as clear signs of a coverup. This story is not going away. Meanwhile, the Washington Post — which as, readers […]

Senator Rubio, Call Your Office

Speaking of the Heritage Foundation (see our Sanford post just below), here’s a report they’ve just released: The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer. Spoiler: it’s a lot.


Here’s a fantastic shot: lightning strikes the Grand Canyon.

Firearms Dysmorphia Syndrome

Making the rounds today: gun homicides are way down in recent years, but a majority of Americans think they are more frequent than ever. I wonder why that could be?

Democracy In America

Well! South Carolina’s in the news again. The story this evening is that the swinish philanderer Mark Sanford has defeated the liberal candidate, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, for the vacant House seat left open by Rep. Tim Scott’s ascent to the Senate (which in turn followed Jim DeMint’s abdication of his Senate seat in order to […]

Murder One

Over at Mangan’s, Dennis returns to the spotlight a year-old article showcasing the destructive malevolence of the Cathedral. Go have a look.

Stop The Presses!

What’s just fantastic about living in these exciting times is that just about every day, Science turns up amazing facts that nobody could ever have imagined possible. (Nobody, that is, who received his or her education in the liberal West of the past few decades; these things would of course have been blindingly obvious to […]

Hang ‘Em High

Right. Well, godless heathen that I am, I won’t be going to Bangladesh anytime soon, I’ve decided. Venice is nice.

Battle Won. War Continues.

Charles C.W. Cooke, who has been covering the gun-control controversy for National Review, gives us a recap of the NRA convention in Houston. I’m becoming rather a fan of young Mr. Cooke, who writes well and thinks clearly. He had this to say about the enormous groundswell of public resistance to further restrictions on gun […]


South Carolina’s at it again, this time pushing back against Obamacare. More here. Be sure to watch the embedded video of Walter Williams, professor of economics at George Mason University, testifying before a South Carolina House subcommittee on the history of nullification, and the support it draws from the writings of the Framers.

Thucydides, For Comfort

Writing at PJ Media, clacissist Victor Davis Hanson urges us to read old books. This alone should be enough, I think: Most classical literature, let us admit it, is anti-democratic, moralistic in a reactionary sense, and deeply pessimistic — and therefore if not a corrective, at least a balance to today’s trajectory. Read the whole […]


George Santayana said: Repetition is the only form of permanence that nature can achieve. We, however, are exempt — and nature reminds us every spring that while she is cyclical, we are linear. For us, spring, and winter, come but once.


Not much time for writing today, so here are some links for you: By way of Dennis Mangan: Don’t eat tofu if you want a functioning brain. The Horsehead Nebula, revealed. Chimeras. Comment of the week. Yes, friends, it’s over. We had a good run. Germans want American beer! Wait, what? Near-death experience, frozen in […]

May Day

My, how beautiful it was in New York today! Not a cloud in the clear blue sky, a cool dry breeze, warm spring sunshine, and the trees and flowers all in bloom. Just absolutely perfect. As good as it ever gets. I hear that Occupy and sundry political groups clogged up the streets of Manhattan […]