George Santayana said:

Repetition is the only form of permanence that nature can achieve.

We, however, are exempt — and nature reminds us every spring that while she is cyclical, we are linear. For us, spring, and winter, come but once.


  1. JK says

    Just in the details I reckon, but that “spring and winter, come but once” is abit out of agreement (at least in Arkansas) 84° on April Fool’s Day – mowed the lawn [well not me but] anyway, May 3rd rolled around to 30° and snow.

    Ah. Now I notice George did mention “we” – and since it’s the first time in 194 years (& this me-we being somewhat less chronologically speaking) I take the point.

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  2. JK says

    Thought to add – March 21st (first full-day of Spring) was clear warm and “Springy” March 22nd seven inches of snow.

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