Honey, Where’s The Tumbrel?

The Department of Justice, frustrated by the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case, is determined to crucify George Zimmerman anyway, whatever it takes. (This is, apparently, necessary in order to fulfill the DOJ’s primary mission: to “alleviate tensions, address community concerns and promote healing”.)

Despite the FBI having determined that there was no evidence that Zimmerman’s shooting of the angelic Mr. Martin was motivated by racism, Eric Holder is now asking the public to join him in the witch-burning by sending “tips” about Mr. Zimmerman’s hatefulness to a specially created email address. (I find the very existence of a special category of offenses handled as “hate crimes”, as distinct from “crimes”, to be profoundly, disturbingly misguided in the first place, but won’t take that up here.)

So: if you are a decent, goodthinkful citizen who, despite Mr. Zimmerman’s recent acquittal in a fair trial, would nevertheless like to see him broken on the wheel and run up a flagpole to have his eyes pecked out by crows, you can email any little “tips” you may have to the United States Department of “Justice”, at sanford.florida@usdoj.gov.

While we’re on the subject: my understanding is that it is some sort of criminal offense to plan a murder. I would imagine also that to do so as a gesture of racial antipathy (of the sort that the DOJ is trying so eagerly to pin on Zimmerman) would qualify such an offense for prosecution as a “hate crime”. Given all that, then, I expect we’ll see the Feds going after the guys in this video clip within the next day or so. (Maybe even twice, because according to the gentleman we see calling for Mr. Zimmerman to be hunted down like an animal, Zimmerman is not only white, but is also a “no-good Jew”.)

Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz is now calling for a civil-rights prosecution — of Angela Corey.

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  1. Dom says

    What would have happened if Zimmerman were black and Martin were white?

    See here

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