Whom The Gods Would Destroy

Sometimes, scientific research leads to conclusions that are starkly at odds with ordinary experience, with common sense, and with the received wisdom of the ages.

Not so here, however: a new study from the UK finds a correlation between ethnic diversity (“lower own-group density”) and psychosis.

From the abstract:


For every ten percentage point reduction in own-group density, the relative odds of reporting psychotic experiences increased 1.07 times (95% CI 1.01–1.14, P = 0.03 (trend)) for the total minority ethnic sample. In general, people living in areas of lower own-group density experienced greater social adversity that was in turn associated with reporting psychotic experiences.


People resident in neighbourhoods of higher own-group density experience ‘buffering’ effects from the social risk factors for psychosis.

In this past Sunday’s post I remarked on “the patently hallucinatory idea — among the most audacious assaults on simple common sense that have ever found their way into a mainstream social ideology — that diversity itself is always a great social blessing, and so the more of it the better.” This pernicious misbelief, maintained in willful defiance of both the sorrowful lessons of history and the daily tide of current events, seems more and more a form of psychosis itself.

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