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Here’s a a 3D zoomable panorama of the Sistine Chapel.


  1. Kevin Kim says


    Nine times out of ten, you find the awesome links well before I do. In fact, your blog is one of my biggest go-to sources for interesting links. But this one time, I have to say that this Vatican site is a year old.

    That doesn’t detract from its awesomeness, of course, and it doesn’t dethrone you from being the Finder of Awesome Links. Basically, I’m just busting your chops, New Yawk-style.

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  2. Malcolm says

    Kevin, that site is five hundred thirty-two years old. (Don’t know how I missed the post at your place, though.)

    Thanks for the kind words! For that, here’s a little lagniappe — maybe one you haven’t seen. Just ran across this one today.

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  3. Malcolm says

    And with a hat-tip to Derb, here’s some modern-day Christianity.

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  4. Kevin Kim says

    Thanks. And, no: I hadn’t seen that.

    One of my greatest regrets was that I had visited the Vatican during a between-semesters vacation in 1990 (I was living in Switzerland during the 89-90 academic year), but by the time I conceived the notion of visiting the Sistine Chapel, it had closed to tourists for the day. The Basilica was impressive in its own right, though — a proper homage to excess and extravagance, thoroughly humbling in its dimensions.

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  5. Dom says

    I just got back from biking through Mississippi, and for the first time in my life I came across the word “Lagniappe”. They use it to mean the opening course in a meal — salad or soup. And here it is again, just four days later.

    Kevin, I also went biking through Tuscany and took the plane out of Rome and stopped off to see the Vatican for the first (and only) time. Lady Gaga was in town!

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  6. Kevin Kim says


    I may have to give Rome a second chance. My first (and so far only) trip there didn’t leave me with the best impression of the city or of its people. Seeing dudes urinating on buildings, being accosted by both a Gypsy family and a prostitute, having a kid try to steal items from my backpack… all in all, it wasn’t a pleasant three days. I did, however, enjoy the architecture while I was there: so many ancient structures to marvel at. The pizza, alas, was obviously geared to tourists with American notions of pizza.

    I’m sure Rome has many hidden delights. I should go back and try to find them… all while avoiding Lady Gaga.

    Posted October 25, 2013 at 7:32 am | Permalink

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