The Toothpaste Has Left The Tube

Here’s a 3D-printed 1911. In metal.


  1. Able says

    It’s interesting (possibly ominously so?) for industry but in a world where possession of a small lathe (foot powered at that in some places) allows the rapid construction of almost any firearm …

    No, the choke-point with such weapons is, as always, the ammunition.

    For my part, I’m just waiting (hoping?) somebody tries the idea from John Ringo’s ‘Von Neumann’s War’. You know, those ceramic, ‘ramjet’ rounds for your average firearm (that had to be individually manufactured because of the tolerances required for the propellor nozzle).

    Interesting possibilities as the range of materials increases too – I want one (a printer rather than a 1911, I’m a HP, SIG man myself).

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  2. Malcolm says

    I’m a HP, SIG man myself.

    Browning HP? Or did you mean HK? (I have an H&K USP.)

    Or perhaps you are talking about printing a SIG with an HP printer…

    Anyway, you are quite right about ammunition. It will be worth more than gold when things really “go south”. And supplies are, for some reason, already short, and prices high. (Gee, I wonder how that came to pass.)

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  3. JK says

    In case Able doesn’t return Malcolm – he’s a Brit. With, shall we say, a uniqueish resume.

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  4. JK says

    I “lifted” from something somewheres Malcolm – yep (I think Able had in mind the) (JK – Browning HP, Sig P226 both in 9 [try getting any other calibre in the EU let alone here. I may also partake in using the [French – run by two ex Royal Marines] MP5, MP7, G3, G36, and even an old L1A1 [a FAL to you colonials] – Ah happy days!).

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  5. Malcolm says

    Ah yes. Lift located.

    My H&K’s a .40 S&W. (Still available, for now, though not getting any cheaper.) Was just at the range last week with my brother’s USC, which is a nifty little item.

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  6. Able says

    Damn, I knew my ears were burning for a reason.

    Sorry, (meat-space) life keeps getting in the way of my interweb one (much like all those dead-tree books I fall over trying to find my kindle).

    Yes, a Browning HP, it’s what I was trained on, ditto the P226. I’ve shot a few USPs, an Elite in .45, P8 in 9 and even a MK 23. Like almost every weapon made now they function beautifully (I’m not much of a cheerleader for any – they’re all capable of doing what I want, and more than I’m capable of).

    Like all Ford vs Chevy discussions it’s personal choice (taste, foible, whatever). Personally, if I had to choose I’d like a MK 23 please Santa. The grip size is a better fit for my hands, the narrower standard just feels less … you know. Whilst you seem to have a constant 9mm vs .45 war flame war, Europeans seem to fall into either the H&K camp or FNH – there is a distinctive ‘feel’ to each. Me? SIG – I’m just a rebel!

    Just wondering why .40? What was available? Preference? I’m ashamed to admit it but the only .40 I have any real (repeat/extended) experience with is with an MP5. I understand some of the ballistic (possible) advantages but, again rebel, fall definitely into the ‘shot placement is what counts’ faction (2 BS or Mozi and no one keeps arguing whatever the ‘full size’ calibre – damn, see even I have prejudices). Just interested to hear your opinion/experience.

    As to ammo shortage, 2 choices 1) buy other calibre firearms (I hear .357 SIG is still available all over) 2) go black powder – a nice Pietta 1858 New Army stainless in .44 is also on Santas list (now where did I put my Clint poncho?)

    JK, my resume is not uniqueish, it just looks that way because of my tight pants.

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  7. JK says

    Admittedly Able “uniqueish” might’ve been a somewhat poor word choice – here (and yet One-Eye [perhaps a few PETAs] could look at this post) and exclaim ol’ JK as spot-on.

    I actually had in mind “there” as in Brit-Land or I suppose more properly, the UK, specifically a blog we two happen to find ourselves being the only two arguing with a myriad on using firearms for other than the general purpose as is being discussed on this particular post.

    Recall our being taken to task over our mutually agreeing on “stocking the larder from other than a grocery store”? It being “apparently” perfectly acceptable to purchase meat “products” so long as “everybody” only did so by picking up a cellophaned package from the more humane fluorescently lit refrigerated fashion? It being “not a gentlemanly thing” to (amongst other things) to sit in a treestand &?

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  8. JK says

    By the Bye Able, Malcolm’s

    And supplies are, for some reason, already short, and prices high. (Gee, I wonder how that came to pass.)

    Was first noted, here:

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  9. Able says


    Oh ‘that’ discussion was very mild in comparison to the views expressed by most antis over here (yep, even the wish to have my sort shot is quite restrained in comparison).

    There is still quite an active hunting fraternity over here, we just have to keep our heads down, and mouths shut (something I occasionally take pleasure in forgetting – the old PETA penchant for targeting fur-coat wearing ladies whilst ignoring leather wearing Hells-Angels meme is ‘entertaining’ when you’re 6′ 5″ and ‘aesthetically challenged’ like me. Violent threats and ranting suddenly evaporating when you stand up is … fun).

    From what I can gather the ammo shortage is a predictable outcome. Threatened legislation causes worries and panic. Dealers, and speculators, buy masses in bulk, clearing the shelves, resulting in more panic.

    From what I hear, some of those dealers have made a bundle, others are now realising they’ll have to cut their profits a tad since the factories have been responding and churning out more. Capitalism at work is all.

    Of more interest to me is the masses of new (first-time) firearm buyers, which has to be a positive however you look at it. I particularly liked the spoof letter from O doing the rounds. the one to the NRA asking for his estimated 100,000+ free T-shirts and ball-caps.

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  10. the one eyed man says

    JK: you are correct. I am a card carrying member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). Our motto: there is a place for all of God’s creatures. Next to the mashed potatoes.

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  11. JK says

    “That” discussion being amongst friends of course was mild I’d admit. Whenever people are mentioned dressed in, er, what’re those things called, “pantaloons” or somesuch riding horses and foxes and blowing horns with pressed red jackets and those black “not ballcaps quite” (absolutely no self-respecting fox or coon hunter [of the US variety] would ever show up for anyway) you realize.

    (No, nobody rides foxes [*] I just don’t wanna have to rewrite the sentence.) Know what I mean?

    *Far as I can tell – the only round I’m experiencing difficulty now with is probably the least likeliest. Buckshot, though “illegal” easily found but .22 LR “Ratshot” is durned near impossible.

    That I simply cannot figure. Unless as you would seem to be implying that Obama’s in cahoots with the ammo manufacturers (which I somehow wouldn’t doubt – much like him being in cahoots with Health Insurers) would make sense. I mean, it’d be neat the ammo guys’d produce .410s for .45s rather than the very cheap .22 LR Rats kinda like, “If you like your ammo, you can keep it.”

    Unless it’s cheaperly produced and sold so we [Obama & Co.] can’t tax it sufferciently.

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  12. Able says

    “Pantaloons”? No wonder we decided to pull out and told you to go start your own country, that was what happened wasn’t it? (colloquially known as either ‘Baraking’ or ‘doing an O’ here).

    Jodhpurs man! As such you’ve touched on the real reason anti-hunting bans are all the rage here – funding from, not those RSPCA, vegetarian, bunny-hugger types, but Big Pharma. Why? I both ride (although I’ve never tried foxes) and hunt, I’ve never done both at the same time, but even I know the sight of a lady in jodhpurs is sufficient to make those manufacturers of little blue pills break out in a cold sweat (fearing bankruptcy).

    .22 Rats? look JK just use snares and rocks like your mama taught you when hunting squirls for the pot. And don’t use the snake excuse either – stick and roast’em, or just use the shovel you keep for roadkill.

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  13. JK says

    Jodhpurs … [/] … Jodhpurs … [] … hmmm.

    §Jodhpurs … Jodhpurs§ …

    Ah Able, I’m recalling the Aussie for ya’ll now. I’m getting what your Black Watch guys’re allus calling your brave selves as c’recttly (now I got this from Duff and – as I unnerstan it Paras of one sort or the other) Malcolm too as he insists he’s British:


    Blame that stuff on Sam Johnson – we, over here couldn’t very well follow a Tory. As we say,

    Pantaloons Ω and blames, as you will the Tories.

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  14. Able says


    Aussi? Jodhpur? I believe DD may have been pulling your p.. oops, I mean wedding tackle. That’s what you get for listening to an ex cherry berry and ex sneaky beaky/snot hat/muppet!

    I have never heard of that anyway. I have heard quite few others though. 4 Sq, who had a ‘colourful’ turn of phrase, regaled me with numerous monikers – pom blade/THEM, a Klingon, Snorker, ex-adgie, ex-airy-fairy, ex-angel-raper/bird gunner/cloud puncher, etc.. My one claim to fame was whilst getting some fang and a standard NATO at a cake and arse party with a bunch of super-grunts, blunts and a CUNT of Red Tabs. A chief sandwich maker accused me of being a bang stick jedi – FIGJAM.

    Good luck with that!

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  15. Malcolm says


    .40 makes a nice trade-off, I think, between impact and magazine capacity.

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  16. Malcolm says

    Peter, the way I look at it is: if God didn’t intend us to eat animals, why did He make them out of meat?

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