Nelson Mandela has just died. Waiting for President Obama to release a tribute featuring himself.


…aaaaand — here it is!

A twofer this time: a picture of himself, AND he quotes himself, too!


  1. JK says

    Aside from the obvious [directional &] lighting] “thingies” I see in the pic, well there’s more but not to be nit-picky:

    “Age” of the imaged participants I’d suppose … well … given my misgivings I’m thinking this is the more newsworthy:


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  2. JK, He’s the Savior, teaching his flock. His ego defies description, beyond the reach of mere words.
    What a “novel”, enlightened way to pay the indigent in your link there… And how propitious, it comes with a free lunch too. Beer and cigarettes, then when they develop lung cancer or their livers fail, they can sue the government for causing it.

    (nice seeing you JK :-)

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